Social media has taken the Internet to an entirely new level, enriching communication to connected people around the globe. Online collaboration is a natural outgrowth, delivering an enriched learning experience for students not only at the course level but across institutions, as well.

Study.Net collaboration tools offer a place where minds can truly meet
  • Collaborate with other authorized users in a secure document environment.
  • Share document annotations on a real-time basis, enhancing the student experience.
  • Participate in course discussions and forums that give both educators and students the option to gain and share knowledge within and outside their institution.

Do students really want to carry around heavy textbooks for the chance to study between classes, on the way home, or on travel? With the technology solution Study.Net offers, students can study the way they prefer; without heavy books while having easy access to all course materials with or without an internet connection. We take the experience even further with annotation, search, and collaboration capabilities. It all adds up to a superior and highly effective study experience.

Multiple browser and device support
  • Use on any device that supports the most popular web browsers and operating systems – iOS including iPad, Android, Microsoft, and Mac.
  • View material delivered in more than 20 different file formats including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as audio, image, video, and html-based content.

Use a Study.Net app to manage course materials
  • Download the free Study.Net app (for iOS, Android, Mac, or IE) to save and manage course material anytime – online or offline.
  • Annotate (make notations, mark-up, highlight, underline) then save course materials for a better-than-paper study experience.
  • Use Study.Net’s collaboration tools to enhance the out-of-class study experience with fellow students – all in a secure environment.

Study.Net is a pioneer in the digital delivery of higher education course material. Since our inception in 1997, we have used the best available technology to help our educators and students experience the value of digital content delivery. We understand what really works and how it can be used, with minimal disruption, to improve learning performance in any environment.

Custom integration services

  • Auto-login (SSO) or authentication.
  • Deliver course materials via a school’s proprietary LMS.
  • Variable user-assigned pricing, messaging, and delivery.
  • Hosting of private content libraries.
  • Bulk registration and enrollment.
  • Custom usage reporting.

When it comes to assembling course materials, Study.Net does the work so you can get right to the end result: immediate access to a broad selection of digital content. Our tools let you quickly assemble the optimal course material and deliver it directly to your students.

Create a course listing in seconds – with just a few intuitive steps.

Add content from any source, all from one convenient location – One service to assemble material from many sources in any format. Our partner library consists of 100,000+ pre-cleared materials from established publishers, licensed (or free) school content, third-party published materials, and user-uploaded content, with or without an assigned royalty.

Obtain copyright clearance quickly – Study.Net manages all copyright permission and clearance needs, giving institutions and educators risk-free course material options with 100% compliance guarantee. More than 90% of all material requests are cleared in less than 24 hours.

Study.Net manages all copyright permissions and clearance needs, giving institutions and educators risk-free course material options with a 100% compliance guarantee. Ninety percent of all material requests are cleared in less than 24 hours.

We automatically manage royalty reporting and payments for any pre-cleared materials in our partner library or individually-requested copyright permissions.

Study.Net also manages royalty fee collection and payment for original uploaded content to which you assign a royalty. This makes it especially easy for educators to publish and use valuable content that isn’t distributed through traditional channels.

Enjoy real-time flexibility to assemble, deliver, and manage your course material. Our dynamic tools allow you to assemble content from practically any source for immediate delivery, and then modify your course anytime. Thousands of instructors have used Study.Net to manage their course content.

Be in control — We've got what you need to run the operational side of creating and delivering courses.

  • Make revisions or additions to course material at any time.
  • Allocate royalty fees and optional print costs using variable payment alternatives.
  • Receive duplicate material alerts.
  • Copy an existing course.
  • View real-time pricing detail.
  • Access viewing logs and usage reports.

Digital has forever changed the way students and educators interact with their course material. From desktop to laptop to tablet, students have the flexibility to study and learn wherever and whenever they want. Study.Net’s digital capabilities deliver an enhanced learning experience that surpasses print.

Free Study.Net apps for material management on any device using iPad, Android, Mac and PC operating systems:

  • Meet document security requirements established by most publishers.
  • Facilitate document annotation and collaboration.
  • Leverage cloud technology to give students a seamless device experience.

Flexibility for students to study on their own terms

  • Single click to download an entire course.
  • Secure document delivery across multiple devices.
  • View, print, save and manage (annotate, search) content on any device — online or offline.
  • Suite of student collaboration tools (forums, discussions, document sharing) — all with permissions managed at user and document level.
  • On-demand, direct delivery of an optional printed copy of text-based materials.

Study.Net delivers the ideal solution to give educators a quick and easy way to assemble, use, and securely deliver digital course content to students with instant access any time on any device. Users leverage a service that meets their unique needs and achieves a better learning outcome – that’s the Study.Net advantage.

Key Services & Features:
  • Available content from the most popular sources, in any format – from a single location
  • Managed legal risk and compliance guaranty for use of copyright materials
  • Free delivery of any royalty-free content
  • Usage reporting and royalty payments management
  • Instant student access to course material
  • Supported use on any device – online or offline
  • Secure annotation and collaboration
  • Custom and LMS platform integration
  • 24/7/365 customer service and technical support
  • Optional on-demand print delivery + textbook service

Study.Net will help your institution or program make the transition from print to digital at a pace that’s right for you and your students.

Digital Course Materials Offered in Print:
In addition to immediate online material delivery, students also have the option to order (for an additional fee) a print version of their course materials. Printed TEXTPAKs are shipped directly to students within 48 hours of receipt of an order. This gives students the flexibility to study in a manner that is most convenient to them.

Study.Net's print fulfillment application is also available for custom use by school resources or a school-specified print center. This integrated, proprietary application can result in significant cost savings and increased responsiveness.

Textbook Option:
We facilitate the purchase and direct delivery of textbooks, from all college textbook publishers, at very competitive prices. Study.Net has offered this service for over a decade and continues to do so to better meet the complete needs of our customers.